May 2017: HER


A Mother is different from a Mama or a Ma. Anyone can be a Mother-deliver or carry a child. It takes much more than that to be given such a Great title. Animals are given the title Mother, and some don't take care of the baby, the Father does. They just give birth. Either way, you have to give credit(and a few claps) and a big Thank You to YOUR Mother. You give credit and empowerment to the Mama/Ma who Raised you. They give you the light to glow and be Great. Thank you Mama...


When faced with Opposition, Mama is the woman who pushes you through it. You can always count on her to be there, no matter what, to sacrifice and push you through those hard times. When a woman can birth you and go through those 9 months of being uncomfortable, you have to be able to appreciate that.


They say, you have to wear tough skin. Let me tell you, Mama wears tough skin. Not only for protection, but for those tender nights when she cries herself to sleep worrying about her child(ren), family, and herself. In the end, Mama shows that tough skin and you will never even know the pain striking her inside.


Remember those days when you were outside and you could hear Mama calling your name when it was dinner time? Well, you know you can always go home to Mama for a good home-cooked meal, no matter what. Mama always cooked, even when she was sick and didn't feel like it. She got up and got dinner together, especially on Sundays. Mama made sure you ate, even if she didn't. Even as an adult, if you looked like you weren't eating, Mama made sure you got a plate to go... Those days with Mama's cooking are/were excellent. There's no food like Mama's.

E-Extra Mile

That little push or piece of Faith you needed, always came from Mama. She can be that extra mile when you can't see it. She will Always go the extra mile to make sure you got all the love and care and protection you needed. That extra mile is usually what got you through as well. When you look at Mama and see the strength in her, it gave you that extra mile and extra octane to push on through...


Mama is that one person who can get everything in order. No matter what the problem is, she is always that backbone to get everything and everyone back in line. When you and your sibling(s) or cousin(s) had little bouts and arguments and fights, Mama got you right together. When Daddy got in late or had a little too much to drink, Mama dealt with that headache. When you were sick, and stayed out from school (back in the day you went with cough syrup and meds) Mama stayed home from work with you. Remember, Mama gets worn out as well. She needs that breather to gather her thoughts and regain her sanity. Let her...

Mama, Ma, Nana, Hey Lady (lol), OG, Gma, Grandma, Grandmother, Grams...whatever term you use for your lady in your life who raised you, appreciate them. It may have been a sister, a Aunt, or that lil Lady who lived down the street who always gave you cookies and big nickels(quarters). You learned lessons, strengths, undefined courage and Faith. Give thanks and unconditional love in a major way, every day. Remember, somebody had a Praying Grandmother and Mother.