June 2017:

I will talk about self-identity. It is so important for people to know themselves and find themselves. So many, especially young adults, don't know where to start for that. They seem to be stuck in a trance and looking right through monocular. Interesting because people seldom look to find themselves. If you look into history, all the Greats took time to discover their Purpose; thus, finding themselves.

Some people go into exile, some go on pilgrimages, some go on exploration around the world, some alienate themselves, some become depressed and others, they pray. Many look for themselves in others. They join groups or organizations with like-minded folks, and some, they simply try to fit in.

When on that search for oneself, one has to know what they are looking for. A few questions have to be answered along the way:

Who Am I: who do YOU think you are? Does not rely on the opinions or perception of others, but what you feel on the inside.What do YOU see: Depends on what you see in the mirror. Once again, goes back to who you think you are on the inside.